Its not every day that we have the ability to capture a photo of a comet streaking across the night sky, though last night, I was able to catch a few glimpses of the Perseid meteor shower during and early morning star gaze out at Ned Point Lighthouse.  The peacefulness you feel while standing underneath the star filled night sky, surrounded by nothing but silence and the quiet crash of a wave breaking behind you, knowing that the lighthouse has been standing in the same place for almost 200 years.

After researching a bit more about the Perseid shower, I wanted to share some of the information I’ve found;  Perseid meteors are named after the Perseus constellation, the direction from which they appear to come.  They can typically be seen on and around the night of August 12, in the early morning hours, and are associated with the Swift-Tuttle (a periodic comet with a orbital period of approximately 130 years, last visible in 1992).

So, how many can you find?…

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